Writing Services Internet Services Spring Hill, FL
Creative Writing, Spring Hill Fl  Technical Writing,
Spring Hill, FL
Writing Services Internet Services Spring Hill, FL
Creative Writing, Spring Hill Fl  Technical Writing,
Spring Hill, FL
Writing Services Internet Services Spring Hill, FL
Creative Writing, Spring Hill Fl  Technical Writing,
Spring Hill, FL
WRITING & INTERNET SERVICES || Florida Nature Coast: Spring Hill, Brooksville, Crystal River, New Port Richey, Cedar Key
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Collaborating with the 3rd Millennium Florida Nature Coast - Creating YOUR Wave of Change.
The Millennium Suites Group is
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Collaborating with
the Florida Nature Coast...
Spring Hill, FL ∙ Brooksville, FL
Crystal River, FL
Hernando County, FL
Citrus County, FL &
Pasco County, FL
Levy, Dixie, Taylor, Jefferson, and
Wakulla counties, Florida

Gateway to Tampa Bay
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Hillsborough, Pinellas counties, Florida

Economic, Technological, and Social
Stargate for Florida's West Coast
The Millennium Suites Mission & Purpose
The Millennium Suites Mission - your success
The mission of Millennium Suites is
      to be a unique asset and a reliable resource
              in your quest for your success.
The purpose of Millennium Suites is
      to collaborate with you, in your quest for your success,
              to Know, to Believe, to Think, to Act.
Change - Who's in charge, here?
There is THE Golden Rule.
  ∙ So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you,
          for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.
[Bible: Matthew 7:12]
Do to others as you would have them do to you. [Bible: Luke 6:31]
Indeed, this "Rule" is not limited to Christianity.  In one form or another, this "ethic of
reciprocity" is reflected in all major, and many other, religions. [
See Religious Tolerance]

Then, there was the secular golden rule of the 20th century:
Whoever has the gold, rules.

Now, there is the 21st century golden rule: digital rules. (See "Digital Rules - Our Challenge Is
Change, Not Globalization," Rich Karlgaard, Forbes.)

          America's role in the world - regarding terrorism, foreign wars, immigration and
  economic globalization - was the alpha issue of the Nov. 7 election. It is certain
  to be the big issue again in 2008.   ...  
 The pace of change is accelerating.
  Rewards are going to those companies that are exceedingly fast, clever and capital
  efficient. There is no mystery here, no conspiracy, no abstract villain. Globalization is
  not the problem.
Change--that's our challenge.
You Are in charge
Thoreau, Emerson, Cummings? These are not exactly common names in the universe of
business gurus...  Yet, they were and are masters of the word and words communicate, words
create change.  What is important is not who said these things.  What's important is that
someone had the insight and courage to say them.

Have the insight and the courage to know, to believe, to think, and to act.

YOU ARE in charge of Change.
YOU CAN create the change in your business, your
organization you seek. Your words need only be communicated, your spirit needs only be
connected to your community.
  For years, Wright and his
younger brother, Orville,
experimented in utter
obscurity, supported only
by their exceptional family.
  Meanwhile, the world
watched as the imperious
Samuel Langley, armed with
a rich contract from the
U.S. War Department and all
the resources of the
Smithsonian Institution,
sought to scale up his
unmanned models to create
the first manned flying
  But while Langley became
obsessed with flight as
problem of power
the Wrights grappled with it
a problem of balance.
  Thus their machines took
two very different paths --
his toward
oblivion, theirs
the heavens.
“Everything was driving anyhow to anywhere at a steadily increasing velocity.”
Mind at the End of Its Tether
by H. G. Wells
The Millennium Family lives on the Florida Nature Coast.  The natural beauty and harmony of
ocean, sand, and palms flowing smoothly into green, low rolling hills, and oaks is both calming
and energizing.  And it is something almost beyond description.  It is something greater than
mere expression.  It is a sense.  It is a feeling.  It is home.
                  [For community descriptions, attractions, and points of contact, by county, see:
Discover Florida's Nature Coast," from the Nature Coast Coalition.]
Florida Nature Coast
“Things do not change;
we change.”
..Henry David Thoreau

“Power resides
in the moment of transition
from a past to a new state.”
..Ralph Waldo Emerson

“It is never too late to be what
you might have been.”
..George Eliot

“To be nobody but yourself, in a
world which is doing its best night
and day to make you everybody
else, means to fight the hardest
battle and never stop fighting.”
..e.e. cummings
The Millennium Suites Purpose - to collaborate with you
Millennium Suites - Creating YOUR Wave of Change.
Collaborate with Millennium Suites to CREATE YOUR WAVE!
“For some years I have
been afflicted with the
belief that flight is
possible to man....”
..Wilbur Wright
[To Conquer the Air :
The Wright Brothers and
the Great Race for Flight,
by James Tobin:
from "Book Description"
You can begin to change
your business,
your way,
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