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Collaborating with the 3rd Millennium Florida Nature Coast - Creating YOUR Wave of Change.
Evil Will, So Good Must
     How good are you? What does "good" mean, anyway? Are there different kinds of good: the greater good,
the common good, the individual good? Is it a matter of opinion, a matter of perspective, a matter of interpretation?
Are there degrees of good? Is good relative or absolute?
Good or evil is such a forced choice. Is there nothing less polar?...Like maybe "good," "not quite so good,"
"pretty good," "mostly good," "a little ungood," "slightly bad"? "Evil" conjures up nightmares of monsters crawling out
of burning holes in the ground or maybe just hiding in your closet at 2 AM. Yet the counter-point isn't graphically
equivalent. "Good" connotes positiveness and comfort more than imparting visions of silvery figures riding light beams
from the sky.
     A less emotive counter-point to good may be "bad."  But is this just semantics?  "Evil" and "bad" are on the same
side of the universe, but they are not synonymous. Too, "bad" has a lot of play to it, a lot of wiggle room.  Couldn't
something be bad because it's not good, right now? Give this bad some time, be patient, a little tolerant, and it could
come around to good. Right... Wrong.
 Who decides? Is it the mass of humanity oozing outward to cover the globe? Is it the jigsaw puzzle pieces of
nation states flung over the land masses and seascapes? Is it the World Bank, Silicon Valley, Tallahassee?  Is it Fox
News, the Dixie Chicks, Donald Trump?
 What difference does it make, anyway?  This consideration may seem irrelevant, misplaced, or even invasive
on a website focused on Writing Services and Internet Services.
     Not so.  What defines your business as better than a like business down the street or across town?  Why should
someone buy your products or services rather than someone else's?  Why should someone decide to work with you
rather than someone else? Why? Because they value the good product or service you offer. Why? Because you value
them, the good customer, and your collective community.  There is a relationship: personal, individual, unique,
special, rewarding, and fulfilling.  And, it is good.
 Who decides and who acts on that reciprocal decision?  You.  Your customers.  Your community.  The Good.
Learn & Act, Continue Learning and Create Your Wave of Change
Your Good - What It Means for Your Business, Your Family, Your Community
     Learning is never complete.  It is not static.  We continually must scan the global
environment and be watchful.  We must be aware.  We must not be passive in our awareness.  
Not only must we be aware of that which exists or is in-development, but we must be aware of
the possible outcomes, consequences, and ramifications.  The potential for changes being
imposed upon us is large.  Know, believe, think, and act.
Action takes place at the local level, individually.  Knowing globally, believing
nationally, thinking regionally, it is you, the individual, who must act locally.  Your strength, your
action, is at the local level, within the local community.  Having learned and continuing to learn,
you communicate and connect locally
to create YOUR Wave of Change.
3rd Millennium,
2nd Decade
Time for Fulfillment
Collaborate with Millennium Suites to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!
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Renew.  Regenerate.
Millennium Requiem (the fine print)
A Little Learning is a
Dangerous Thing

A small amount of knowledge
can cause people to think
they are more expert than
they are
and consequently make
unwise choices.
A little learning is a
dangerous thing;
drink deep, or
taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts
intoxicate the brain, and
drinking largely
sobers us again.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
An Essay on Criticism
Phrases, sayings and idiom at
The Phrase Finder
“The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good to do nothing.”
[attributed to] An Essay on Criticism
by Alexander Pope
In 2011, resolve
envision and plan
your perfect life.
[from superviva.com]
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The Public Good,
goods” from an economic

Good(ness): ...that something is
good...the amount that something
is good

Evil: ...the absence of a good
which could and should be present

(Is it ironic, arguably prophetic,
that Wikipedia's cadre of contributors are
able to discuss “Evil” more lucidly and fully
than “Good”?)
Because of these absolute certainties, Millennium Suites seeks and provides
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